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How to plan a wedding step by step

How to plan a wedding step by step

Your wedding day is by far one of your life’s most meaningful and special times. Your wedding will probably be the biggest party you have ever had, and it might be rather frightening to find out how to schedule a wedding at first. Planning wedding can often feel rather overwhelming. While couples frequently employ a specialist to support themselves in managing their wedding planning, there are several reasons why they may also choose to take on the majority of their obligations. Royal Matrimonial guide and checklist are designed to make it less stressful and a little more doable. We look at the important steps you need to take and how you can plan a marriage step by step. Royal Matrimony will advise you in planning a wedding and point out some of the most beneficial resources to alleviate the stress of your special day.

What Are The Steps Of Planning A Wedding?

It is a good idea to follow a checklist when planning wedding—and to handle the steps outlined in the order. There’s a way to get upset here, and adhering to a wedding checklist ensures a smooth and reasonably stress-free experience. If you find a wedding plan somewhat overwhelming, here is an overview of the basic things to complete to make sure your great day is a success. Of course, you may desire to take on more tasks, but here we’re talking about the must-do. This is how to plan a marriage step by step.

How Do You Plan A Quick Wedding?

1. Set a budget for wedding

Your budget must be the first step in organizing your wedding. It may not be the most pleasurable part of the process, but it is necessary because it sets the tone for the remainder of your wedding preparations. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a place, a vendor, a garment, etc., and to realize that it is beyond reach. So sit down and share a total budget with your parents or other potential contributions, then split it up by vendor or service.

2. Start Your Guest List

While you need not have a final list of guests until a bit later, As you consider how to prepare a wedding step by step, it is critical to establish an expected guest count early on. A 50-person wedding differs greatly from a 300-person wedding, especially regarding your location selections. Before you begin to browse marriage sites, acquire an estimate of how many guests you will welcome.

3. Narrow Down the Dates

You’re not going to “set a date” formally until you book your venue. Royal Matrimonial recommends, however, that you choose some possible wedding dates before you begin to see the venues. First of all, consider the time you want to marry — and if a wedding on Saturday night is a must (convenient, but potentially more expensive and competitive) or if you’re open for a wedding on another (maybe least on demand) day. Then check the calendar, taking into account work schedules, vacations, family disputes, etc., and restrict things up to few choice dates. It would be quite good to take into account several potential wedding dates during the selection procedure.

4. Choose a Venue

Now with a budget, and the anticipated number of guests, and a few possible wedding dates in mind, you’ve got everything you need to book a marriage venue—one of the main elements of our wedding guide. Read online evaluations of wedding venues close to you, see your partner personally, and work with your favorite wedding place.

5. Create a Wedding Website

The easiest method to keep your guests in the loop is by establishing a wedding website and one of the most critical tasks to arrange a wedding. Make sure you have in your wedding planner website all critical facts regarding your day – date, location, travel information, room block specifics, and more. Now is the time to design your wedding hashtag on social media before your wedding day.

6. Book Vendors

The average couple hires 13 suppliers to assist build their perfect wedding day. This may seem like a lot, but to make sure your big day goes smoothly it’s crucial to employ the best wedding planner. Royal Matrimonial proposes that you follow this reservation schedule from the vendor to book each pro, from your wedding cameraman to florist and DJ to officer, and check online evaluations to help you choose the best.

7. Finalize Your Guest List

If you haven’t, it’s time to list your wedding guests. Remember that if your parents contribute to your great day monetarily, they will be invited to have a say. Keep in mind the capacity of your facility and do not invite more people than space can accommodate. 

8. Purchase Your Wedding Dress and Other Attire

Take time to pick the perfect clothing for your wedding day. Especially in marriage dresses, months from the time you buy your garments can be required before they are customized and ready to go, so don’t wait until the last minute.

9. Plan the Honeymoon

You may think a lot about planning your wedding, but don’t overlook the honeymoon. If you want to hit your honeymoon quickly after your wedding, you have time to choose a place, arrange your trip and accommodation and begin to organize an agenda.

10. Attend Those Pre-Wedding Events

Commitment parties, a bachelor party, and more—your schedule will probably be busy with pre-wedding festivities. Although the couple going to be married normally has nothing to do with preparing for these celebrations, you will have to free up your schedule to be a guest of honor.

11. Send Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are routinely issued six to eight weeks before the big day – normally approximately two or three weeks in advance. Sending your guests on time is one of the most important wedding planning stages.

12. Buy Wedding Bands

An essential symbol of marriage, look a few months before your wedding and buy your wedding rings. Choose a wedding band that matches your ring, is comfy, and compliments your particular taste.

13. Confirm Wedding Details with Vendors

You were probably in regular communication with all your wedding suppliers in the days and weeks building up to your big day. Make sure you have all loose ends attached and that all your vendors have the information they need (and are paid correctly!). Best wedding planners will enable you to make sure that your vendors know where and when to attend a wedding ceremony and reception.

14. Get Married!

Finally, the big day has arrived! You, your spouse, your family, and your suppliers have worked hard to prepare a wedding, so enjoy each minute! The best wedding planner successfully organizes all marriage event management and makes it a wonderful occasion.

When Should You Start Planning Your Wedding?

So many couples and their families neglect to rest and rejoice before they hurry into potentially difficult wedding planning logistics. However, before the actual planning process begins, tasks must be done. Couples should talk during this time about their broad vision for their marriage and their priorities. You should also set a specific budget and select a wedding date before any vendor approaches. Because your budget will have an impact on all of your alternatives, it is critical that you have a clear and defined knowledge of how much money you are willing to spend. Typically, one month is enough to make these early selections.

What Is The First Thing You Do When You Are Planning A Wedding?

Not all wedding preparation activities are equal and some have to be performed well before others — which is why wedding planning normally takes one year!

First things to do:

Book a Venue

Find a Wedding Dress

Hire Vendors

Send Save the Dates

Choose the Wedding Party

Plan Your Honeymoon

What Is The Best Month To Get Married?

The weddings can take place both in summer and in winter. The greatest way to prevent the mouse is to select the appropriate wedding season in India. Although traditions vary amongst different parts of India, most Hindu beliefs say the most common wedding months are from October to December, from mid-April to May. February is the greatest time to get married as “Basant Panchami” is the happiest day of the year in mild weather, either chilly or hot. This day is also recognized for weddings, as Vivah Panchmi is also known today.


Now to the last leg of your trip. The finalization! You have planned and bought it all. You know your whole color scheme and how you want every decor. Everything is lined up, so you just have to finish now. Check the numbers twice and make sure that your caterers and venues are all ready to go. But remember, not every facet of marriage planning is covered by this guide. Tons of additional small aspects go into a marriage, like choosing wedding presents for guests, writing your vows, etc.

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