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Finally, we fixed a meeting

Finally, we fixed a meeting

Finally, we fixed a meeting

Lokesh is a 36 years old businessman and belongs to a decent family. Since childhood, he has been a diligent person and always wanted to set up an empire of his own. He was all the time struggling to set up his business and to take it to the next level. He is a dedicated person, but since he invested a lot of time in his business, he missed the time to find his soulmate.


Since Lokesh was over 35 years old, his parents were worried about his marriage. They searched for many brides of their community that would be perfect for Lokesh but didn’t find anyone with the same interests. Although we believe that there is no age or restrictions to find your soulmate, Lokesh was facing the same problem. So, this problem was registered by Royal Matrimonial with a promise to find the solution.


Proposed Solution:

At Royal Matrimonial, no matter what is the problem you are facing we promise to help you to find your perfect soulmate. Since we always keep our promise, the same we did for Lokesh. We found a matching profile in Royal Matrimonial which was of Priyal. Priyal was a 32 years old working woman and had the same situations as Lokesh and she was also a lot dedicated to her work. The team talked to both of them and they exchanged each other’s profiles and found them interesting.

End Result:

Finally, we fixed a meeting between Lokesh and Priyal. They found that their thoughts were matching a lot and even they found themselves a perfect match for each other. Both the families were introduced and finally decided to get them married. Royal Matrimonial was again successful in finding the soulmates and arranging their grand marriage.


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