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Story of a Canadian NRI

Story of a Canadian NRI

Story of a Canadian NRI

Abhinav was a young 28 years old Canadian NRI who currently handles his family business in Canada. He belonged to the Sikh community and was religious as well. He and his family used to live in Canada. As he turned to a perfect age to get married, he and his family started a search for an NRI bride of their community. Their tough search brought them to the Royal Matrimonial.


Abhinav was in search of a Canadian NRI bride of their community and also who belonged to a decent family. It took him months to find an NRI bride from his city who even matches his interests. It was difficult to find someone who not only belonged to the Sikh community but also is a Canadian NRI. This problem of Abhinav was very carefully addressed at Royal Matrimonial.

Proposed Solution:

The major aim of Royal Matrimonial is to find the two beautiful souls with like interests and make them mates. And the same we did in this case as well. We found the requirements of Abhinav and Priya to be the same. They were from the same city with the same interests but had never met each other before Royal matrimonial fixed their meeting as the proposed solution. 

End Result:

Before their first meeting which was set by Royal Matrimonial, they went through each other’s profile and liked it at first sight. The first meeting between them and their families was their first-ever satisfactory meeting after which the couple decided to share a few days knowing each other and finally decided to get tied in the knot of marriage which was conducted by Royal Matrimonial with best arrangements. So, Abhinav and Priya are one of those happily wedded couples in Royal Matrimonial.

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