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Does the big age difference matters between couples in India?

Does the big age difference matters between couples in India?

Marriage is the ultimate destination in any relationship and it is really a blessing for a couple to arrive at that point where they can finally tie the wedding knot and get involved with each other in a happy marriage. It indeed is a long and challenging journey from being in love to being happily wedded together but it is for sure that the journey is one beautiful experience that almost all the couples wish to behold and ensure.

Here in this article, we are about to talk about some general notions that are linked with marriages in Indian society, a classic example of one such notion is that of an Ideal age gap for marriages and there are many more such notions and ideas often linked with marriages.

Does the Age Difference Really Matter?

The idea about the age gaps is driven by an old age thinking dating all the way back to the olden times where people believed that a certain age gap must be maintained between two individuals in a relationship.

This idea is justified to some extent in the perspective that nowadays marriages do not last long. In such a scenario, maintaining a certain age gap would give any two individuals a better perspective and a better understanding of each other’s likes and dislikes and that way the relationship would last longer than thought. But even so a major question comes in play about How much age gap is good for marriage and it needs to be taken into cognizance that it is only a subjective opinion.

2-4 Years Age Difference

It was just said that an ideal age difference is a subjective opinion, experts in marriage counselling and people with experience often talk about an age gap in a marriage and they mostly conclude with a shared opinion that a small age gap of about 2-4 years difference would be advisable to maintain. So that there is a perfect amount of touch of maturity and also an ideal extent of immaturity in the relationship.

Let us try and understand why is age gap marriage advisable. Let’s consider that you are of age 23 and your partner is about 3 years older than you, that makes them 26 years which can be seen as perfect in the sense that there is neither a higher age gap nor too less. At the age such as yours (i.e., 23) it is understandable that you are still at the cusp of adulthood and hence it is important that you have a partner who can be with you and guide you through this phase, a partner aged 26 would be ideal for you in the sense that they too have just crossed their phase and made it into adulthood and so they would understand you better and would make a perfect match for you.

Does Age Gap Make Couples Uncomfortable?

It is often said and believed that pairs are made in heaven, but this notion cannot be accounted for or verified because what do we, as mere mortals, know about the cosmic decisions made by that supreme power residing above all. But there is one thing that we do know for sure and acknowledge it to our best understanding. It is that when you decide to be with someone there are a few things that you most certainly need to look out for, these things will help ensure that you and your partner truly a match made in the heavens.

These things might sound trivial to some but on the contrary are of utmost importance. These include better compatibility, better understanding, the ability to talk, converse and solve a problem if there is, these are only some of the things that will help you make your relationship healthy and will ensure that your relationship lasts longer. By maintaining a certain age gap in your relationship, you can ensure a healthy relationship. However, it becomes important to understand what is a good age difference in a relationship to establish a wider and better understanding of the matter.

Think about it Before Committing

Marriage is all about making promises and commitments and sticking to them. But making a commitment is no big a task, however sticking to it certainly is. You can make as many promises as you want but when it comes to fulfil those it is going to take more than just willingness, it asks for commitment, honesty and loyalty to your better half, it is only by exhibiting these that you as a partner can ensure the success of your relationship.

When you are matured enough to understand and differentiate between your responsibilities and your liabilities it becomes easier for you to ensure that yours is a happy relationship. Evidently, in this context it is important to maintain a certain age difference between couples which allows at least one of the individuals in a relationship to be serious and feel responsible to stick to the commitments and maintain a happy and a healthy relationship.

The Ideal Age Gap in Relationships

It is obvious that when you are in a relationship you have your own expectations and you have some requirements of your own or some parameters that you as an individual want your partner to meet and satisfy, however when in love, at times, you tend to let go of every expectation and every requirement of yours and you simply accept your partner the way they are. Some wish their partner to be tall, some want them to be muscular and so on, some even look for a specific age gap between them and their partner, this however is a completely subjective and a variable opinion that changes from person to person and place to place.

The issue of age difference between couples in India is more of a debated topic. Some argue that an age gap of 2-4 years can be considered ideal, some even go on to argue that a gap of 5-6 years is also advisable, but as it has been already said, this is a completely subjective opinion and hence no certain line can be drawn to give out a certain age group which would be accepted by all.

Overview – The Counterpoint to Consider

Throughout the article we talked about the age difference between couples and how it is almost impossible to agree to a certain ideal age gap. But it also needs to be taken into consideration that at times like these when we as individual human beings are breaking free from all the shackles put upon us by the society it also becomes important to ensure that we as the individuals of this society do not put forth one more shackle or barrier among the already existing numerous barriers.

Putting forth an ideal age group would only create another stereotype in the society and that would make it really difficult for individuals who start looking for partners during the later days of their lives.

5 to 7 years age difference for marriage

It is often seen that the elders of our house agree to wed their offspring to a desirable bride or groom with an age gap of up to 5 to 7 years. It is because according to them it is an ideal age gap for marriage in India which has been prevalent in the society since ages.

It truly is a difficult task to decide an ideal age gap that should be maintained between couples so it could be relatively easier to agree that this is an issue subject to varied opinions and hence people decide the age gaps as it suits them.


1. What Is an Acceptable Age Difference in A Relationship?

The answer to the question what is an acceptable age difference between couples is quite clear; there is no such thing as an ideal gap, rather there is a subjective opinion over the matter.

2. Relationship Age Gap Rules – Does Age Matter in Love?

Love sees no boundaries, and since age is clearly a boundary and a constraint applied on love, it really doesn’t hold much importance in love.

3. What Is the Best Age Difference for Husband and Wife?

The best age difference for a husband and a wife can be narrowed down to up to 3-5 years.

4. Does age hold any significance in a relationship?

Age certainly holds some convincing significance in a relationship.

5. Age Gap in Relationship. Does Age Difference Matter?

Age gap is often maintained and must be maintained in a relationship because age difference matters.

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