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Everything is not always perfect the first time

Everything is not always perfect the first time

Everything is not always perfect the first time

Sikha is a 27 years old young woman who was married at the age of 24 with no child. But unfortunately, things were not feasible and she got divorced. Now, since Sikha was still a young woman and had a chance to start her life in a new phase. Sikha and her family wanted this time to find a perfect partner for her without taking any chances.

Second Marriage


Since Sikha was in a divorce, it was quite difficult for her family to find a groom from a decent family. The other major problem was they wanted a groom from their community. So, finding someone with all the requirements together was challenging. Finally, the family came to Royal Matrimonial, and now their problems were ours and we were as usual sure of finding a matching solution.

Proposed Solution:

Everything is not always perfect the first time. Royal Matrimonial strongly believes that you should get a second chance to find your soulmate. So, we found the best solution for Sikha. Dheeraj was a 29 years old groom candidate of Royal Matrimonial who was in the search of his soulmate. The team went through both profiles and found a perfect match between them. 

End Result:

Royal Matrimonial suggested the profile to both the Sikha and Dheeraj and they showed interest at first glance of the profile. We fixed a meeting between them and their families. Both of them showed a great interest in their relationship. After a few meetings and a family get-together, they concluded to get married. Thus, Royal Matrimonial was again successful to match two souls. 

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