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Top 20 Matrimonial Sites in India-Why Royal Matrimonial is the best among all

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  • Top 20 Matrimonial Sites in India-Why Royal Matrimonial is the best among all

Top 20 Matrimonial Sites in India-Why Royal Matrimonial is the best among all

India is a land of a rich and diverse cultural heritage and within herself, she holds several core values that have remained intact throughout the time frame of the history and act as our roots. Marriage is one such culture in India. Here, marriage is more than just a bond between two individuals that entwines their lives with each other for the rest of their life; it is more of a commitment of a lifetime. It is believed that a marriage not only binds two individual souls into one but also brings two different family lines together under the same roof. There are various matrimonial sites in India that understand the value and importance of marriage in people’s lives and hence they make sure to put up an ideal match and wedding for their clients.

The job of setting up matches for brides and grooms has always been taken up by the elders of the families, however, as the current trends suggest, individuals, rely on some of the best matrimonial sites in India for the job and these matrimonial firms have really outdone themselves at it.

It is truly commendable how the India matrimony sites have managed to set up the right life partners for individuals, almost every single time, varying on their personal demands and requirements.

Unlike in old times, nowadays the brides and grooms prefer to meet their future partners in person, spend some time with them, get to know each other and see for themselves how compatible they are for each other. What could be more better than to be able to know about the good and bad of the person with whom you are about to spend your entire life? So, here we are at Royal Matrimonial, India’s best matrimonial site picking up the right matches for you, and setting you up with the perfect and most suitable partner.

Royal Matrimonial– The Best Matrimony Site

Royal Matrimony is deemed as the best matrimonial site among several other matrimonial websites because of their professionalism, work ethics and client satisfaction. All of us at the Royal Matrimony have a common goal which is to make sure that we help you find your not just the better but the best half. We are committed to providing you with a hassle-free and wonderful experience throughout the matchmaking processes and the wedding progressions.

The Royal Matrimony is espoused with 100% genuine match seekers. We understand that you would not like to waste your time over ingenuity during the matchmaking and hence we try to provide the most genuine and authentic match seekers. We keep our eyes wide open while looking into the profiles and verifying the match seekers. This is our one of many traits that has made us the best matrimony site and we try to stick to the title as best as we can.

BharatMatrimony.com – Best Matrimonial site

You might have heard about numerous matrimonial websites but Bharat Matrimony is the most trustworthy one. This matrimonial site holds many awards such as limca books of records for the most documented marriages. Currently, Bharat Matrimony has more than 1 crore registered members.

Swayamwara.com – Best Matrimonial Sites in India

Swayamwara.com is the best matrimonial site for South Indians. This matrimonial site is very famous in the southern part of India. It is one of the most affordable matrimonial sites. It not only provides the registration at the lowest cost possible but also proves their motto which is visible in their success story. The motto of the site is “we match hearts”. 

WedgateMatrimony.com – Top Marriage Matrimony

Wedgate Matrimony is also known as the matrimonial site which has been successfully making happy marriages for more than 12 years. Daily, it is providing service to more than 600 customers. The main goal of this site is to personally deal with their clients’ needs.

Vivaah.com – Free Matrimonial Sites

Vivaah.com is one of the best free matrimonial sites in India since 2002. 

The main motto of the site is “search for a life companion should not come with a price tag” and this is the major reason why all of their services are free of cost. So here you can search for the perfect life partner without investing a single penny.

Wmmatrimonial.com – Top Indian Matrimony

Wmmatrimonial is the most trustworthy matrimonial site in India. This matrimonial site is free from any kind of religion or community background. You can search for a partner from any background you wish to. You can either opt for the free registration or can purchase different packages. All the profiles created on this website are properly verified.

ChennaiMatrimony.com – free matrimony sites

Chennai Matrimony is one of the trustable free matrimony sites, especially for Chennai residents. If you are obliged to find a partner of a particular community or caste from your city or state then this matrimonial site is just for you. 

Jeevansathi.com – Top Marriage Website

Jeevansathi.com is the best matrimonial site in India and indeed one of the oldest ones which were launched in 1998. Since the time it was launched, the site is successful in continuously making perfect matches and marriages. The user interface of the site is really easy to use and you can also make searches through its official application.

M4Marry.com – Top Marriage site

M4Marry has been proved as one of the most successful marriage matrimony sites in India. It has made millions of users in a very short time and has become popular. This site not only finds a perfect partner but also focuses on a perfect family too since marriage is not only about the couple but also the family.

KMmatrimony.com – Top Matrimony Site in India

KMmatrimony is a well-known Indian matrimony site. This site focuses majorly on the people in search of a bride and groom in South India. This site includes divisions for the different community people such as Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Telugu. You can visit the website to acknowledge the success stories of the site and how the site helped their clients to meet their perfect partners.

CommunityMatrimony.com – Top Matrimony website

Community Matrimony is just the perfect matrimony site for every community in India. It has more than 140 branches all over India serving all communities. You can easily find the perfect bride or groom from your community. You can make your search easier by using the official application of community matrimony. It is also one of the top top 10 matrimonial sites in India.

Shaadi.com – Best Indian Matrimony Site

Shaadi.com is the oldest and the best matrimony site. This matrimony site has been providing matrimonial and matchmaking services since 1996. The motto of the site is-“We bring people together, love unites them”. It is one of the most successful matrimonial sites not only in India but around the world since it has helped a great number of people find their perfect partner.

MatrimonialsIndia.com – Best Matrimony Site in India

Matrimonials India was founded in 1997 and can be stated as the pioneering matrimonial website in India. You can search for your perfect partner on several bases such as caste, religion, mother tongue, city, occupation, etc. This matrimonial site has secured a database of lakhs of clients’ profiles of NRIs, foreign, and Indian people.

Tamilsuyamvaran.com – Premium Marriage Sites in India

Here is another matrimony site for the South Indian people. The major aim of this site is to provide a perfect partner to the natives of Tamil Nadu. This site has perfectly made the proper use of the technologies and thus developed various matchmaking tools which make your work easier. On this site, you will find a bride and groom from almost all the different communities of Tamil Nadu. This is the most popular matrimonial site among the natives of Tamil Nadu.

SecondShaadi.com – Second Marriage Matrimonial Websites India

You will find hundreds of marriage websites but this one is the most special one with a special purpose. This site especially focuses on divorced and widowed people and thus helps their clients in making a new relationship and re-start their married life. It provides extraordinary remarriage services.

SimplyMarry.org – Best Matrimony

SimplyMarry.org has been helping their clients for making ideal matches since 2006. Like other marriage sites, it is committed to providing the best matchmaking services to its clients. It works as a single platform for different communities and groups of people who can accordingly find their match.


Unlike other matrimony sites in India, Sangam.com is specially created for parents to search for a perfect life partner for their children or loved ones. This site provides you detailed information about the family background as well that will help you in proceeding confidently. You can also search for someone from your community since it has people from over 80 communities.


Humsafarmatrimony.com is among the well-known and successful matrimony websites in India. It has been providing matrimonial service and matchmaking service since 1997 in India. Today, millions of people have found their life partners with the help of this matrimonial site. 


This list consists of the best matrimonial sites in India among which LoveVivah is one. It is one of the leading matchmaking service providers. The site is well known for the authentic profile of the users that it maintains. This is the most trusted matrimonial site for those who are in search of their genuine soulmates.


Truejodi.com is popular among users for trusted matchmaking services. It is one of the best matrimonial sites in India which not only focuses on matrimony but also specializes in one-to-one matchmaking. To surf this site, you must sign-up and get verified.

What makes Royal Matrimonial unique among all?

As we have already mentioned, Royal Matrimony is one of India’s top matrimonial sites and so far it has brought together many match seekers into the bond of marriage beyond count. One can check on google where we have been rated 4.2 stars by our satisfied clients. It was not that easy to earn that rating but our dedication and honesty in our services helped us receive the wonderful rating and feedback from our clients.

But what is it that truly makes Royal Matrimony unique among all other marriage sites and bureaus in India? It is the unique and special connections that we establish with our clients, maintaining the boundaries of professionalism at the same time, that helps us connect to and understand what our clients actually want, that in return helps us find our seekers, brides and grooms of their choice and preferences.

We utilize our years of experience and expertise in the industry. We have managed to build up a very huge database consisting of genuine match seeker profiles from different communities and areas. It is through this database that we set up matches for our clients. All matrimony sites in India including the Royal Matrimonial follow a specific algorithmic approach while putting up matches for our clients.

Whenever a client specifies their preferences and requirements we run a thorough scanning through our database and look for matches that go well by the specified parameters provided by the clients. This approach has always proved to be ideal and a fruitful agenda in finding the right matches for our clients and it is with this approach that we made it through to have made it into the list of India’s top matrimonial sites and would do our best to go even further.

Major Services of Royal Matrimonial

Royal Matrimonial offers a variety of services to its clients. These are all personalized services offered by the matrimonial firm which clients may choose from on the basis of what their needs are. Let’s have a look at the said services.

Basic Services

The basic service offered by the firm includes an annual package of 16,000 INR under which the department within the firm would select matches for you but you would have to arrange the meetings by yourself. You can share your profile with about 3 to 4 families as per your requirements on a weekly basis. Going further up you can opt for other services if you feel that this package is not truly benefiting you.

Vicholia Services

Packages for Vicholia services are available at 36,000 INR with validity for 6 months. With Vicholia services you can have access to the coordinator’s assistance and can discuss your profile with about 15 to 20 families on a monthly basis. Like the basic services, here to matchmaking is initiated by the department. You can avail of the client servicing feature with which you can personally speak to the person with whom your match is shortlisted. The department also arranges a meeting for the families for any further discussion.

Elite Vicholia Services

This is our most exclusive service package which is available at Rs 56,000 including GST with an overall validity for 12 months. This includes every feature in the Vicholia services but with a major difference in the validity period. It has been made available at a discounted price for clients.

Why Choose Royal Matrimonial?

The entire team at Royal Matrimony, the best matrimonial site in India believes in the saying that matches are made in heaven and that the almighty has made a pair for every soul down here. We excel at organizing community marriages within the Sikh and Punjabi communities and hence if you are looking forward to a wedding in the Punjabi and Sikh communities Royal Matrimonial is your stop destination. All of us at Royal Matrimonial try to come up to your expectations in every way possible.

Here are certain things about Royal Matrimonial that would make it clear why you should choose them.

  •     Result-oriented approach: We believe in results and not just some big talks and hence we make sure to stick to our commitment and provide results to our clients for their satisfaction.
  •  We offer personalised services following the requirements and preferences of our clients. Clients can approach us with any suggestion or any demand and we make sure to listen to them and work accordingly.
  • Privacy: Privacy is a major concern that needs to be entertained in any industry. At Royal Matrimonial we ensure the privacy of the data and information of our clients. We share the data of our clients with seekers only when we have made it sure that they are genuine and authentic.
  • Royal Matrimonial also helps organize the entire wedding progressions for clients.


1.    Which are the Matrimonial firms in India that constitute the top 3?

Royal Matrimonial, Shaadi.Com and Bharat Matrimony are among the top 3 Matrimonial Sites in India.

2.    What are the reasons that would make one use Indian Matrimonial Sites?

One major cause behind why one should use an Indian Matrimonial site is that in India marriage holds a very significant cultural value and all Matrimonial firms in India acknowledge the fact and work accordingly.

3.    How can you contact your match shortlisted by Matrimonial Sites?

While setting up matches Matrimonial Sites share the contact information of the clients with either party and that way you can communicate with your match.

4.    How can Matrimonial Sites be used in a Secured Way?

Matrimonial sites are already pretty much secured and protected with different means but in order to play safe you may share alternate information in place of your main data but if you are doing that you also need to make sure that individuals can reach to you with that specified data as well.

5.    How do Matrimonial Websites help you find your dream partner?

Matrimonial websites maintain a huge database in which they store entries and data of worthy and genuine match seekers. When you specify your preferences and requirements the firms see through their database and put up ideal suitable matches that go well with all your requirements.

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